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What is Gastric Bypass ?

Considered the “gold standard” of weight loss surgery, the Gastric Bypass procedure reduces the size of the stomach and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. During the procedure, a skilled bariatric surgeon separates the stomach into two pouches. The smaller pouch is connected to the small intestine, bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine. The ultimate goal of surgery is to reduce your appetite and cravings, thus helping you lose weight.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass

  • Expedited weight loss
  • Lose 2-4 pounds a week following surgery
  • Lose as much as 60-70% of excess weight over 1-2 years
  • 75% of patients see reversal of high blood pressure
  • 95% of patients report improved cholesterol
  • Joint and back pain disappear for 40% of patients
  • Reduce sleep apnea and risk of diabetes

Am I the right patient for Gastric Bypass?

This procedure is recommended for adults with a BMI over 30, who feel they need the most help controlling what and how much they eat. After the surgery, a majority of patients lose their cravings for certain unhealthy foods and feel it is easier to maintain a healthy nutrition plan.

What is the recovery like for Gastric Bypass?

Most patients are back to work within two weeks of the Gastric Bypass procedure. Right after your surgery, you will have support from your doctor, patient coordinator, and even the thousands of patients who have already started their weight loss journeys. This includes information on how to maintain a proper diet and exercise plan customized to you. Most importantly you will feel more energized, have increased self-esteem, and finally be able to live life to its fulles

Procedure Details

Hospital Stay

Surgery Type

Back to Work


Surgery Time



3-4 days

No lifting restrictions

Estimated 30 Minutes

Where would I have my Gastric Bypass ?