Best LAP-BAND® Treatment in DFW

What is LAP-BAND® ?

Peak Bariatric’s LAP-BAND®, or Gastric Band, is a reversible bariatric weight loss procedure in which an adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, like a belt. The surgery is minimally invasive, so no cutting, stomach amputation or use of surgical staples is involved. The LAP-BAND® procedure gives patients steady control over weight loss, allows for adjustments following the surgery, and helps patients better control their appetite and feel full sooner.

Benefits of LAP-BAND® Procedure

  • Least invasive procedure offered
  • This procedure is reversible
  • Lose 50-70% of excess weight over 1-2 years
  • Go home day of procedure
  • Be back to work in a few days after surgery
  • Improve high blood pressure & cholesterol
  • 48% of patients have seen their diabetes disappear

What is the recovery like for LAP-BAND® treatment?

Most patients are back to work within a couple of days of the LAP-BAND® procedure. Right after your surgery, you will have support from your doctor, patient coordinator, and even the thousands of patients who have already started their weight loss journeys. This includes information on how to maintain a proper diet and exercise plan customized to you. Most importantly you will feel more energized, have increased self-esteem, and finally be able to live life to its fullest.

Are you the right patient for LAP-BAND® Treatment?

This procedure is recommended for adults with a BMI over 35, who don’t mind frequent follow-up appointments to adjust their band as they lose weight. Weight loss will also be slow and steady over time.

When Would I be back to work after a LAP-BAND® Treatment?

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