We Are Revision Repair Experts

What is Revision Repair ?

Have you already undergone a weight loss procedure and are not satisfied with the results? We know how frustrating it is to have a failed procedure, no matter the reason. As tempting as it might be to throw up your hands, Peak Bariatric’s expertise and guidance are here to help.

Revision Weight Loss Surgery Offerings

You will personally meet with one of our surgeons for a consult to discuss your goals and health condition prior to revision weight loss surgery.

The Peak Bariatric Difference

  • Commitment to Service – You’ll have a Patient Coordinator to personally handle insurance matters, schedule your appointments, and answer questions.
  • Free Insurance Verification – Your Patient Coordinator will help you verify your insurance (at no cost) and confirm any out-of-pocket expenses associated with your care.
  • Extensive Experience – You’ll have unprecedented access to a compassionate board-certified bariatric surgeon who will help personalize your weight loss journey.


Why Did My Original Procedure Fail?
All medical procedures have some risk of failure or complication, and each weight loss surgery procedure has unique vulnerabilities. For example, a Lap-Band® can stretch over time, resulting in weight gain. Similarly, because the stomach is a living, responsive organ, overeating or some other factor may result in pouch dilation and weight gain many years after the procedure. A few other factors can make a revision necessary, and all of these will be evaluated by your physician.
Why Are Revisions Complex?
The complexity of a revision is higher than it would be for an original procedure because the surgeon must reverse the original procedure and then carry out the new procedure with scarring present. LAP-Band to Gastric Sleeve revisions are relatively simple and the degree of complexity is totally dependent on each patient’s individual case.
Will Insurance Cover My Revision?
Some insurance plans will cover a revision, while others may not. As with all insurance matters, we have dedicated Patient Coordinators who will help you figure this out.

Where would I have my Revision Repair ?