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What is Obalon Balloon ?

The Obalon Balloon System helps facilitate weight loss by taking up space in your stomach so you eat less. During treatment you should receive professional nutrition and exercise support to help you make the lifestyle changes that promote weight loss. The Obalon Balloon System supports you to help change your eating habits and keep the weight off for the long term. When used with a diet and exercise program, patients have lost twice as much weight as those with diet and exercise alone. The placement of each Obalon balloon typically takes less than 10 minutes and doesn’t require sedation. In your physician’s office, you swallow a capsule containing a small balloon, and then your physician inflates the balloon. The Gastric Balloon procedure is a temporary tool and simple non-surgical weight loss solution. During this procedure, a soft balloon is placed in the stomach endoscopically and filled with saline solution which partially fills the stomach. This balloon is then removed within 6 months. The purpose of the balloon is to help increase satiety and help you feel full more quickly, which will help you lose weight.

What is the procedure like?

The Gastric Balloon is a simple, non-surgical outpatient procedure. After you’re given a mild sedative, the physician will insert the deflated balloon through your mouth and into your stomach. It is then filled with a safe saline solution until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. The entire procedure usually only takes 20 or 30 minutes and most people go home the same day. The Gastric Balloon will remain in place for six months. This is where you might see the most drastic weight loss. With the gastric balloon in place, your physician will provide you with diet and exercise coaching from a team of experts designed specifically for you. Your objective is to develop healthy habits to carry you forward in your weight loss journey.

Benefits of Obalon Balloon Procedure

No surgery required!
Short 30 minute procedure
Lose up to 20 pounds within 6 months*
Go home day of the procedure
Be back to work day after procedure
Is considered SAFE by the US FDA

What is the recovery like for Obalon Balloon treatment?

The Gastric Balloon is unique in that it’s a temporary procedure. The balloon will be removed within 6 months of implantation. Removal process is just as easy as the original procedure, with no downtime required. Once the balloon is removed, you should continue to follow your personal diet and exercise plan established over the past 6 months.

Are you the right patient for Obalon Balloon Treatment?

This procedure is recommended for adults with a BMI at or below 30, who are looking to lose a relatively small amount of weight quickly for reasons of health, social events, and more.

When Would I be back to work after a Obalon Balloon Treatment?

3-4 days

More About Obalon Balloon Surgery

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3-4 days


Estimated 20 Minutes

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