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About Peak Bariatric

Peak Bariatric is the leading Dallas institute for weight loss surgery.  Owned and operated by Peak Health Surgicare, in association with Horizon Medical Center, Peak Bariatric is DFW’s leader in weight loss surgery.  With the latest in bariatric procedures and our network of leading bariatric physicians, Peak Bariatric serves the DFW community to meet its weight loss needs.  We change the lives of Dallas residents every day.


A hernia is a lump of tissue (frequently, in the intestines) through a weak spot or tear in the body.  Hernias frequently require repair.

The Obalon Balloon is a soft balloon that is placed in the stomach endoscopically and filled with saline solution which partially fills the stomach.

Gastric Revision procedures correct issues that occur in prior bariatric procedures.  A Lap-Band, for example, that stretches over time is a common concern that may require a revision.

A Lap-Band is a bariatric procedure in which gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach – similar to a belt.

Our Physicians

Dr. Leah Dill is one of DFW’s most experienced bariatric surgeons.  Dr. Dill’s practice is known for the “mini sleeve” procedure.  Dr. Dill has performed thousands of bariatric procedures.  From gastric sleeve to gastric bypass, Dr. Dill is an excellent surgical choice for many Dallas residents.

Dr. Ikram Kureshi is a highly experienced DFW surgeon.  With an office in Sherman, TX, Dr. Kureshi expands the geographical reach of the Peak Bariatric surgical team.  Dr. Kureshi has vast experience in hernias, gastric sleeve and other weight loss procedures.

Dr. Victor Gonzalez is one of the longest serving and most experienced bariatric surgeons in DFW.  Dr. Gonzalez brings his array of bariatric experience to the Peak Bariatric surgical team.  From the gastric sleeve and bypass to hernia procedures and other general surgery needs, Dr. Gonzalez has you covered.